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When you need advice about your garage doors, go through this page and discover the best tips ever

  • Keep Your Remote in a Safe Location

    Misplacing your garage door remote is one thing, and leaving it in your car or with the parking attendant is another. An easy solution to the latter can be getting a key chain and keeping your car key(s) and the garage remote together in it. This way you know where you can find your opener remote easily.

  • Replace an opener manufactured before 1993 timely

    The technicians of our garage door repair company in New York explain that all openers made after this year have automatic reversal feature, which is required by law. The ones made before 1993 may not necessarily have it. In this case, they are less safe. Besides, a new opener will certainly perform much better.

  • Choose the right size parts

    When worn garage door parts must be replaced, try to remember that they all come in different sizes. The size of components usually depends on the weight of the door but unless you make other substantial changes (like changing the door) it's practical to measure the existing component in order to get an exact replacement.

  • Put your safety first

    Garage doors must function properly in order for you to go in and out conveniently. Above all you must invest in your safety by making sure the safety sensors of the garage door opener work properly. It's of the utmost importance to also avoid doing garage door repairs on your own according to our company in New Rochelle.

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