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Affordable Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

The following answers can solve your problems and prevent garage door accidents

  • Why parts need tightening?

    With daily movement, garage door parts might get loose. Don't forget that they're also affected by temperatures. As they get loose, the system will start vibrating during garage door movement and the loose parts will get even more loosened. It's vital that they're tightened for stability reasons.

  • How do I fix scratches on my garage door?

    Our specialists say that scratches can be fixed easily, but should be done carefully. First step is to lightly buff or sand the scratched area to even out the surface. Then, it can be repainted or refinished. Do not sand too strongly since it may worsen the scratch and make it go deeper into the metal.

  • Why do garage door prices differ?

    Garage doors have different prices because they are made of different materials, are of different sizes and each manufacturer decides about costs. Garage Door Repair New Rochelle also says that prices depend on whether the door is insulated or not, frames, openers and weather seals, too.

  • Should I put windows on my garage door?

    Garage door windows are great because they allow the penetration of the sunlight into the garage and they add to the appeal of the house. You can choose milk glass to protect privacy but must make sure they are also sealed to protect insulation, too.

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