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Common Garage Door FAQs

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Common Garage Door FAQs

Do you have any questions about how to take care of your garage door? Then take a look at the FAQs below to find answers to some of the questions that many homeowners end up asking.

Why do different tiny parts need tightening?

Garage door parts might start to become loose over time, what with the rattle and grind of daily movement. Don't forget that metal components can sometimes also be affected by temperature shifts. As the screws, nuts, and bolts start to get loose, the system may start shaking and the loose parts will get increasingly looser and looser. That's why retightening them every now and then is so important.

How do I get rid of scratches on my garage door?

Scratches can be fixed rather easily but the process should be done carefully. The first step is to lightly buff or sand the scratched area to even out the surface. Then, it can be repainted or refinished. Do not sand too strongly, though, since it may worsen the condition of the surface and force you to need more extensive repairs.

Why do garage door prices differ?

There are many different things that can affect the price of a garage door model. The material it's made of, the size of its panels and the brand it belongs to all influence the cost. The level and type of insulation that's used (if it's used at all) can also increase the price. If you want to be certain that you're paying the best price for a new door, consult with our experts.

Should I add windows to my garage door?

Garage door windows can be great because they can allow the sunlight into the garage and they add to the curb appeal of your house. You can choose frosted glass to protect your privacy without compromising for illumination. Just make sure that when the windows are installed that they are also sealed to preserve the door's insulating qualities.


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