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Garage Door Repair

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At Garage Door Repair New Rochelle we are in tune with the importance of offering a dependable garage door repair service.  If you want to be a successful garage door company you have to relate to your customers needs.  For this reason we talk to the residents of New Rochelle and find out what is on their mind.  This allows us to provide garage door services our customers really need.  Our New Rochelle Garage Door Contractor takes garage door repair to an entirely different plateau.Garage Door Repair

The Best Garage Door Company Around

  We have put together a team of garage door techs who have years of established experience in all aspects of garage door repair.  There is no repair job our team won’t pursue.  Here are a handful of the projects we undertake in order to fix the garage door:

* Replace section of door – if your door becomes damaged we can replace a section rather then the entire door.

* Door off track – if the tracks are not lubricated regularly or if they are bent the door can fall off the track.  We can fix the problem in a jiffy.

* Weather strip – don’t get chilled by the cold air; we can install this for you easily.

* Broken emergency release – if it is broke we can repair it or replace it for you.

* Bottom door rubber – this keeps air and debris from entering your garage.  We can install one for you in no time.

One of the most dangerous services we offer is garage door springs.  In order to obtain the tension needed to lift garage doors the torsion spring and extension spring have to be really wound up.  If one of these snap back while being wound; a deadly blow can be delivered.  The torsion is mounted on both sides of door center and the extension on the left and right outside of the door.  Torsions are used for heavy doors and extension for light ones.  You can get these in galvanized door springs, which are estimated to last around 90 years.  It will cost more but it is worth it.  Our broken spring repair/replacement service is there so that our seasoned techs can provide this service for your safety. Please call us to do so.

At our garage door company in New Rochelle no one can compare to our garage door openerservice.  If you want to keep your old system we will do our best to repair it.  If it finally fails you we will replace it.  If you don’t have one; we will install a new one.  We will provide the garage door opener of your choice.  We only carry excellent brands like:

    Genie opener
    Sears opener 
    Craftsman opener
    Chamberlain opener
    Liftmaster opener
    Marantec opener

Our garage door opener troubleshooting is legendary in New Rochelle and you can choose the drive you want with your garage door opener as well.  You can have the screw drive, which is not too loud and priced fairly, or the chain drive, which is cheap but will be noisy, or the belt drive, which is costly but quiet.

Garage maintenance and adjustments is a service we hold dear.  We are sincere believers that preventative maintenance is the answer to avoiding future repair problems.  Our regularly maintenance lubrication service will keep your door in tip top shape.  For those who ignore this service; understand that your cables can become brittle and break over time and doors will not slide as easily across those tracks; leading to serious problems.  The choice is yours.  When that snowball starts rolling down hill; reach for your check book.

Our garage door remote service is very nice.  We offer top brands from Genie Intellicode, Liftmaster Security Plus, Multi Code, and Clicker.  The Genie and Liftmaster offer rolling code technology that will keep would be criminals from copying your code.  If you want this job completed quickly and correctly; call upon one of our techs to repair, replace or install them for you.

Garage door replacement & installation services are very important in our New Rochelle community.  The residents are all into improving their curb appeal and new garage door windows and doors can provide that. We offer so many styles and designs from classic to new modern that our customers are bound to find what they like.  We offer doors in numerous materials like aluminum garage doors, wood garage doors, steel garage doors, craftsman garage doors and glass garage doors.  This is a big job and calls for a pro like one of our techs at our garage door company in New Rochelle.

Our garage door company/contractor puts high emphasis on garage door cables & tracks.  We know they go bad and when they do the garage door situation can turn ugly in a hurry.  Both the cables & tracks hold the door in place in different ways and if a cable snaps or a track becomes bent you need to call us immediately.  If a cable snapped and you find broken cable; don’t sweat it; we can replace it.  If you notice the cable loose just give us a call before it snags on and we will fix it.  The cable came off the drum? No problem; probably as a result of that cable loose; we will put it back on the drum.  We can replace garage track if it is damaged or repair bent garage door track if at all possible.

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